Friday, February 22, 2008

upward bound

It’s going better with Nancy. Last night, for the first time since Saturday, she was able to climb the stairs -- very carefully, operating herself like a crane lifting fragile cargo -- and was rewarded by being able to sleep in our bed instead of downstairs on the couch. (This means I’m no longer hauling our guest mattress downstairs each night and camping out on the living room floor.)

Her knee was significantly less swollen this morning and the bruising much less in evidence. The mummy-like leg wrapping she had been given at the hospital on Saturday has now been replaced by a trim elasticized bandage, a type mainly meant for people with sports injuries, that I found at the local pharmacy.

After a few days of worry about long-term problems walking, we are daring to hope that her knee will heal without special treatment or surgery

She still tires easily.

Since late yesterday afternoon, she is on prescription pain medication that is working quite well.

For all those who have been keeping Nancy in their prayers, our thanks. If human beings had sails, prayer would be the wind.

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