Saturday, March 22, 2008

Biking again

We haven’t done any recent postings about Nancy’s recovery from her playing the role of Magnet Lady last month, and being such a powerful magnet that she made a car collide with her, but just two days ago she was on her bike again for the first time since the accident.

She has reached the point of being able to walk without worrying that, if she’s not careful, her right knee might “pop out.” This means that the bands that are part of the knee’s complex architecture have tightened up nicely.

Re the kidney-transplant: One of the surprising things has been how various comparatively minor health issues that I thought were unrelated to my kidney illness have cleared up since the transplant. I learned about the latest as result of my semi-annual dental check-up this week, the first since the transplant. Our dentist, Mario Voogt, took one look at my teeth and was astonished. “Your gums are really in better shape! Much firmer!” The only new factor in my life that accounts for the improvement is the kidney transplant.

(Photo: Two young women on one bike, one steering, the other peddling, seen as I was crossing the Canadaplein -- Canada Square -- adjacent to Alkmaar’s cathedral. Double click on the image to enlarge.)

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