Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good news

Jim went to the AMC in Amsterdam for his semi-weekly check-up yesterday (he also goes on Fridays) and was told that he doesn't have to go back until next Monday! Super-K is doing just fine. The only side-effect of the many medicines he's taking are large, impressive-looking and (he says) painless bruises on his legs. He looks as if he's been kicked by hooligans. The doctor said this is because the dosage of the blood-thinning injections he's giving himself is too high, and she promptly lowered it. The injections are to prevent thrombosis and only have to be taken until December 2 anyway, so that's one less medication to think about (and the least pleasant to administer).

I'm finally feeling almost normal this week. Much less fatigue, and a renewed interest in getting back to work. Yesterday I worked my way through most of the bookkeeping that had mounted up since the operation and got back in touch with some of my translation clients. I'm expecting a rather large job next week as well as the corrections of a children's book I translated back in the summer. So here we go again.

It seems odd to be be getting back to the routine without the prospect of impending major surgery in the back of my mind and without the constant concern for Jim's failing kidneys. Certainly we'll never take our health for granted after this.

[Photo of Nancy at work; double-click top enlarge.]


Else10 said...

Indeed good news! God bless you both as you continue to recover and thrive. And your attic office looks so cozy, too! Best wishes!

Rudi Wissink said...

Hallo Jim en Nance,
zoals ik het lees -nog niet alles-, gaat het allemaal ontzettend goed met jullie. Gefeliciteerd. En ik ga zeker nog verder lezen.
Ik wens jullie een voorspoedig herstel toe en zal een link naar jullie site op nierdonor.nl plaatsen!

Vriendelijke groet,
Rudi Wissink,

Stacy said...

Jim and Nancy --

Greetings from "The Pearl of Africa." I'm so happy to hear that all is well!

Many years to Super K!