Monday, November 5, 2007

Name day

Nancy was picked up by Cait and Anne about an hour ago -- they will be back in Alkmaar by now. I’m now on solo setting at the AMC, but it may be not for long. The doctor who saw me this morning said I might be ready for release as soon as Wednesday. (I had been guessing Friday or Saturday.) The timing depends on tests scheduled for tomorrow when staff will be doing a seven-hour series of blood tests to fine-tune my medication. Also they’ll be taken a very close look at my bladder be make sure it’s healing well. If the bladder test is positive, it may be this is my last day of having to live with catheters. I’m now down to two, as the catheter that was connected to Nancy’s kidney was removed at mid-day. Amazing

The nurse of duty this shift suggested that both Nancy and I drink lots of cranberry juice from now. Great for the kidneys, she assured me. I mentioned this to Cait and now have three bottles of cranberry juice.

Cait and Anne also brought the cable that connects my little Sony camera to the laptop. As a result there are now a number of new photos in the kidney-transplant related folder -- see:

The photo I'll paste into this posting is one of the additions: Nancy's holding an echo scan of her kidney at its new address.

I’ve been doing more writing the past 24 hours, including a recommendation for its Amazon page of Fr. Meletios Webber’s fine new book, Bread and Water, Wine and Oil, which I’ve been re-reading these recent days. It’s one of the best books on spiritual life I’ve come upon.

Speaking of spiritual life, our rector, Fr. Sergei Ovsiannikov, is on his way here to bring me communion. He reminded me it's my name day.


Snarfff said...

I don't know how anyone can look at a picture like that and have any clue of what they are looking at! I'm suspicious! For all I know, that's really just a peanut!!! When I next make it to Alkmaar you will need to explain the picture.

Olympiada said...

I will look for that recommendation as I like Fr Meletios first book a lot.